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To Preserve an Invaluable Local Legacy

Our aim is to halt a plan for clearing this site,

preserve this unique venue and landscape together,

and make a convivial place for embracing people from diverse backgrounds.



Uwajima is located in Ehime prefecture, in Shikoku region Japan. It is a castle town about an hour by train from Matsuyama city.

Landscape and History

As you get close to the Uwajima station, you’ll find a landscape in harmony with deep green of the Maruyama mountain.


The Uwajima Railway Office Fan-shaped Garage stands in this harmonious landscape. It is one of the only eleven fan-shaped train garages left in Japan, and the only one in Shikoku region. Surrounded by rich nature, the interior space is punctuated with a beautiful contrast of alternating light and shadow. However, unused and made inaccessible for a long time, the garage and open space became subject to a demolition plan to clear the site to an empty lot.


To preserve this landscape in rich nature as a communal legacy, we started communicating with local people and learning local histories from their memories in order to revitalize this valuable place by making its attractive architectural space accessible again, introducing art and cultural programs and inviting locals and visitors from various backgrounds to enjoy it together.


Our initiative aims at halting the demolition plan, recollecting local histories as social memory for facilitating inter-generational communication, offering a place for relaxation and recreation, and maintaining a convivial place that embraces people from diverse backgrounds and their unique talents.

Buildings to be Preserved


Fan-shaped Garage & Railway Turntable 


Office & Storage



Uwajima city is located remote from other urbanized areas, and the shortage of information has often prevented tourists from visiting the city. On the other hand, the city has a long history and rich communities, with unique geographical features and cultural heritages like local festivals. As an attempt to promote those rich localities and invite more visitors, we organized site-specific art exhibitions series “The Visible and The Invisible” in the unique venue for two years since 2020 to offer opportunities for people to openly communicate each other. Held for 10 days each time, the exhibition series attracted 900 visitors in average, nor only from Ehime prefecture but also from wider areas including the Kansai, Kanto and Kyushu regions.

Our Goals We commit ourselves to preserve the unique venue and landscape holistically for promoting creative communication among locals and visitors together, whereby we will continue and enrich exhibition programs and re-connect local crafts and traditional skills to contemporary art and culture. In addition, our initiative will enhance managemental aspects to promote Uwajima city’s rich localities and facilitate sustainable communication between local and visitors.


Our Plans The site is owned by JR Shikoku Railway Company, but it has been designated as an unnecessary asset to be sold off. We are planning to rent a part of the site and preserve the entire landscape that the buildings and open space have maintained together. We will revitalize the place that has long functioned as the gate to the city, so that both locals and visitors can meet each other more actively. In addition to this “face” of the city, we will renovate other unused empty buildings in the city to offer places for facilitating local economy and reinforce local communities. ​

How We Preserve and Use the Site and Buildings


With a new approach along an allotment garden, the fan-shaped garage will become a large gate to the open field beyond it. The open space in front of the gate will offer an easily accessible place for people’s daily communication, while the extraordinary scale of the gate will have an effect to liberate them from ordinary life so that one can feel relaxed and recover. 


Our team with experts in architecture will reinforce and repair the buildings to ensure safety for local and visiting users.

The view of the open field after passing through the fan-shaped garage: 

敷地 グラフィック.gif
宇和島 回遊イメージ--w300.gif



To preserve the fab-shaped garage and the whole surrounding landscape with a row of cherry blossom trees against the Maruyama mountain, we are preparing a contract to rent the site from the JR Shikoku Railway Company.

The conclusion of this contract can save the invaluable local legacy now on the verge of disappearance due to the initial plan for clearing the site.


Our initiative began from scratch to intervene in this process, and we are now in constructive negotiation with the company.

However, we need to prepare a security deposit to fully conclude this contract. In addition, we need to raise fund for necessary maintenance for damaged roofs and structures as well as for safety measures against typhoons.


For the time being, we need:

60,000,000 JPY

(approximately 450,000 USD / 430,000 EUR)

by the due date at the end of June, 2022.


We believe that the preservation of this local legacy will be an important step to cultivate a sensitivity to “old things” and insights to revitalize them without discarding their irreplaceable unique histories altogether. If we can make a case for living convivially with old things and inheriting such invaluable legacies to future generations, it will contribute to solving similar issues that would be happening across the country and in other counties. 


​Please join us to bring this project to success. We hope we can keep this place to welcome you one day in the future and share this beautiful landscape surrounded by rich nature, culture, and communities.


Please join us by donating to the project or sharing this post with your friends via SNS. ​We greatly appreciate your kind support.  


Akiko Shintsubo (Founder)


There are two ways to donate to the project.

You can choose from (1) Donation without Return and (2) Donation with Return A/B/C.

Please click a link in each donation plan.

Credit card payment is available.

(In case you are planning to donate more than the system limit, which is approximately 3,700 in USD, please contact us for bank transfer)

(1)Donation without Return

From here , you can donate up to 500,000 JPY (approximately 3,700 USD / 3,500 EUR) using your credit card.

The donation amounts displayed on the page are in JPY.

If you click “0 JPY” option, you can adjust the donation amount freely.

(2)Donation with Return A/B/C

You can choose your return from Plan A/B/C (numbers below are all in JPY).

Credit card payment is available.

(In case you are planning to donate more than the system limit 500,000, which is approximately 3700 USD, please contact us for bank transfer from here )


Plan-A (Nameplate: Tag) Small: 3,000- / Middle: 10,000- / Large: 100,000-


From here, you can donate for Plan A.

You name will be shown on a nameplate tag on the walls near the building gate.

Please input the name (individual/organizational) you want to display on the plate.

* Please read and agree with notes below


Plan-B (Nameplate: Border Fence) 200,000-

転車台協賛金柵 W110.png

From here , you can donate for Plan B.

You name will be shown on a nameplate attached onto the fence the open field and the border of the station yard. The height of the fence will be about 90cm.

Please input the name (individual/organizational) you want to display on the plate.

* Please read and agree with notes  below

Plan-C (Nameplate: Gate Fence) 300,000-

協賛追加画像 入口柵用(電車なし)2.png

From here, you can donate for Plan C.

You name will be shown on a nameplate attached onto the fence near the entrance of the station yard. The name will face inward. The height of the fence will be about 120cm.

Please input the name (individual/organizational) you want to display on the plate.  

* Please read and agree with notes  below


  • The material and design of nameplates will be finalized later.

  • The nameplate will be shown in one place per donator, regardless of donation amount. 

  • The project team will decide the exact place for your nameplate to be shown.

  • The name to be displayed should represent the very person/organization who made donation. The name should NOT include religious or political messages. NO offensive language is permitted. If it includes any word that risks offense to someone (even if unintendedly), the project team will contact you for discussion other possibilities.

  • Please contact us[tm10]  if you have any questions.

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